Buoyancy is back in the UK housing market

Buoyancy is back in the UK housing market

Buoyancy back in property market

Some people may remember that back in March I suggested that due to the housing shortage, growth was likely to continue in spite of what was then termed a fall in house price growth. Well today the BBC,  the Daily Telegraph and others are reporting that the buoyancy is back in the UK housing market.

No surprise to savvy investors

I have to say that this return to growth is not a surprise to me and won’t be to savvy investors who know that 2+2=4 always. If there is a nationwide housing shortage and people who can’t buy property this to me = property price growth. The Brexit doom and gloom merchants have so far been proved wrong, although this may have more of an impact in the future when the deals are done. The government has done its utmost to prevent hard working investors like myself from accumulating property even though it will help them in the long run. Most buy to let landlords are in it for the long term and want to provide good housing for people while funding their futures – including pensions. Will the buoyancy be back in the UK housing market forever?

What about the future?

Property investment

While no-one can predict the future, I still believe there are a few more years of growth left in the property market for investors and even if there is a slow down, it won’t matter for those who do not over borrow. Property is still a great investment and has proved to be so in spite of many who say that the market is dead. People will always need homes and as long as landlords stay in the black by borrowing sensibly, they will eventually come out on top and fund a decent retirement.

Property for pensions

For many young people there may not even be a pension by the time they retire and as we are living longer, the retirement age will continue to rise. For the self-employed who do not invest in a pension now, the future will not be bright. Property remains a great investment in my opinion and anyone can invest. The world of stocks and shares is a lot more complicated to me and you end up trusting someone else with your hard earned money! Whilst I wouldn’t advocate putting all eggs into one basket, if I only had a choice of one, it would be property.


Most of us who have invested in property over the past few years are not surprised by todays news and although nothing in this world is guaranteed, property remains a sound investment for those who make wise choices and ensure that the deal adds up. For a lot more information on how to invest for the future and find good investment properties, take a look at some of my books. They are all up-to-date for 2017 and will give you a head start if you are thinking of investing. So, while buoyancy is back in the UK housing market, don’t despair but do remember to factor in future slow-downs &/or interest rate rises – my books provide information on this and much more.

As always, happy investing!

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